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When somebody walked into my life.

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What happens when somebody walks into your life? Somebody who is beautiful and has a mellifluous voice. You wish you had met her before but then she comes into your life only when the time is right.

She gives me a call every morning. I get up from the middle of my sleep (I am a lazy boy who hates to get up early during the winters) to talk to her. She spends her time with me and then suddenly disappears. I get happy and delighted whenever I notice she is there. But then I feel sad and embarrassed when she goes away.

I know it’s awkward but I can’t describe how I feel every-time I see her. She makes my day even brighter. Sometimes she allows me to touch her and she puts her hand on my hand. But this is all I know about her. I do not know what she feels, I do not know what she likes the most. I do not know whether this will continue as it is, I do not know what to do. I do not know what to do. I think I will continue to talk to her and I wish we stay together as we are now. I want to know more about her, I want to spend more time with her.  

The next morning she calls again. I start approaching her and suddenly I hear something. I hear a loud noise that gets on amplifying. I realize that it is a familiar noise, I realize it is the moment. It was the moment to realize that she was not there anymore, it was the moment to get up and start my day.


Written by abeautifulmind1

January 21, 2009 at 9:59 am

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