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Rotman Class, Sister’s Surprise, Dad’s Health, R1 MBA Apps and Cyclone Phyan

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This class at Rotman held specifically for prospective students is a good to watch lecture on outsourcing. Though it is a 62 min long video, I liked the lecture not just because I currently benefit from outsourcing but also because it tell’s me where outsourcing can go. What people thought was impossible to outsource yesterday is now being outsourced unanimously and what jobs we might think cannot be outsourced today, might just land up somewhere in a developing nation at a fraction of the cost (or for some other reason).

Just as when I was watching the video at midnight on 13th Nov, my sister just revealed her surprise. It’s my birthday today on 14th Nov (I know I am born on the Children’s Day 🙂 ). I loved this surprise gift that she got for me this time. BTW … Just a week back it was my Dad’s birthday. Yes, We both are Scorpi0ns – we are passionate about what we do, we are hardworking, we are filled with desire, a little bit secretive and we never forget anything (especially what you do or say while we are drunk 🙂 ). We (my family) usually celebrate with a family dinner at a good restaurant. Sometimes it’s one of our favourite restaurants and sometimes we go out to a far-off location or to a different city to try a new place (of-course only after hearing good reviews about it). And this year too we will celebrate in the same manner. However, we might not be able to go to a new city or a far off location as my dad’s health is not in the best shape. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Infarction only a couple of weeks back and it takes a lot of time and effort to recover. I have postponed my treat for my friends and our family celebrations at home will definitely be subdued.

As far as my MBA apps are concerned, I am now done with applying to my dream schools and the R1 season is over. I will hear from ISB by the end of this month but I have limited expectation from it due to my OK-type ISB interview. I submitted my Fuqua (Duke) and Johnson (Cornell) apps just a few days back and so will have to wait till December to hear from them. I worked for more than 2 months on these two apps. As far as Olin is concerned, it can send me updates or news all the way upto Jan 22, 2010. Olin doesn’t have any set dates for interviews or other such things. And going by what happened last year, I might not hear untill the last day and still get an admit.

I selected these schools primarily due to:

a) the team-based culture.

b) the easily accessible faculty.

c) very good curriculum (core and electives) for a career in consulting.

d) the alumni I know have done well after passing from these schools.

e) the current students who have been very helpful, open to help and active at the school.

f) No negative feedback from any of the current students (trust me on this one … I received negative feedback from current students of some other schools that were on my mind before ).

g) the availability of non-co-signer loans at these schools. An extremely important factor for me.

I am thankful to all of my essay reviewers and my two recommenders for supporting and helping me in my apps. I wanted to apply at Fuqua in EA as it is my number one choice but was not able to do so due to time limitations. I believe my submission timing will not matter much if my application is good. The R1 season is now over (in some cases it was R2 😦 ) and now I will be taking a small break from all this. Need to relax and take care of family for a few days. I will be preparing for the interviews and the R2 applications after some time.

Finally, it has been raining extremely heavily here now for more than 2 hours non stop. I hope Cyclone Phyan is not back to Mumbai, after it got diverted last Thursday. I hope we don’t see another round of Mumbai City Floods.


Written by abeautifulmind1

November 14, 2009 at 10:39 am

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