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This week I had my informative interviews for Rotman (Toronto) and Owen (Vanderbilt). These were primarily resume based as I have not submitted my apps yet. It was kind of nice experience with the adcom members of both the schools as they were patient in listening to my story and were interested in knowing more about both – my work related background and my extracurricular interests.

I had both the interviews on the same day at the same location. But since I have been in touch with current students and alumni from both schools for a long time now it was not difficult to talk about specific topics about both. I had my questions prepared and it was nice to get the answers to those firsthand. Here is the experience as far as I remember:

 Rotman (Toronto) interview: Interview with Bailey Daniels at 10:30 am. Started with “Walk me through your resume”. Went for about 10 mins (Yes … somehow I was able to keep a tab on the time). She noted a few things about it. Why MBA and Why Rotman questions. Then a talk about my target firms post Rotman and Rotman’s alumni contacts in those firms. Questions on my extracurricular activities.

Then came “Why this activity? I am thinking this is only for people who like to kill.” I was thinking WHAT??? This activity is known for a lot more thing than killing/hunting. (It was about Shooting) Told her about why I enjoy it. Then a talk about some of the Ice sports possible in Canada.

Finally, “Any Questions for me?” Had a few and got the answers. All in all it went for around 20 mins only. But it was nice. I guess there was not grilling on any particular topic as it was an informative interview and Rotman would love my $200 at-least (Just kidding).

I am waiting for some clarification from the school on loan programs and hence will submit my app only if I hear some good news. I was asked to wait for 2-3 weeks.

Owen (Vanderbilt) interview: Interview with John Roeder at 12:30. He started with talking about his background and some other Vanderbilt related info. Then came “Walk me through your resume”, questions related to my work, working in teams, 1-2 leadership related questions, Why MBA and Why Owen, How did you do your research on selecting the school, and then finally “Any questions for me?”. I had a few questions and got them answered. App status is the same as that for Rotman. I am waiting for some clarification from the school on loan programs and hence will submit my app only if I hear some good news. The interview lasted for around 30 mins and was another normal experience.

Both the interviews were regular and quite expected in nature. I was able to control the flow and there was lot interaction rather than plan questions and answers. Perhaps this is how most of the informative interviews are conducted. However, one thing important was the notes taken by the interviewers. They noted almost eveything I said and I am sure this will be useful when they will evaluate my full application.

Coming Up next: Olin (WUSTL) formal (after invitation) interview.


Written by abeautifulmind1

December 2, 2009 at 5:58 am

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